Pleiadian Energy Therapy

Terapia Holística

Creating Abundance with your consciousness

This seminar was created after many years of experience assisting clients from across the board to clear limiting beliefs and self-sabotage in the different areas of life including money, relationships and health. These limiting programs come from past lives, religious influence, ancestors, DNA, society and more. We are physical beings and we need to understand that everything we experience in this world is energy and we can learn to use it deliberately.
In this seminar you will learn deep insights in the process of creating in this 3D reality and you will be able to identify aspects of your own consciousness which are not aligned with your greatest good. At the same time you will learn some techniques that you can use to help yourself to unlock your potential as a deliberate creator. Hundreds of people around the world have shifted their lives already applying the concepts and tools that will be shared.


  • Understanding our true nature (Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual and Astral)
  • Several guided processes and meditations
  • Learning how to use the laws of the Universe in our favor
  • Clearing and healing chakras and aura
  • Boosting our self-worth and self-esteem
  • Understanding and releasing karma
  • Identifying and deprogramming your self sabotager
  • Learning how to use key elements in the creation process
  • And more.


Note: This seminar is available in all English and Spanish speaking countries and Roberto is willing to travel as long as there are groups interested in learning.

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