Pleiadian Energy Therapy



I find that the work Roberto does gets to the heart of issues that I have been carrying around for years --- on ALL levels.  I began working with Roberto when I was diagnosed with cancer in 2017.  After two years of working together at a distance (punctuated with face-to-face sessions in Toronto), I took part in a one-week intensive Pleiadian lightwork healing program in Ecuador.  Over the years, prior to working with Roberto, I have explored many different ‘energetic’ modalities. Roberto’s work is all-encompassing. We worked on limiting beliefs, ancestral contracts, and cords of attachment to the ‘emotional vampires’ in my life.  I was cured of my cancer and of many other negative patterns in the process of my work with Roberto.  After one month of integration I can clearly identify what ‘issues’ are mine, and which belong to others and I can let go of.

There is one other aspect that for me, was very important.  I am a Greek-Canadian who has lived in five countries in Europe and North America.  The fact that Roberto has lived both in Ecuador and North America adds a level of understanding of cultural influences and value differences that helped in the understanding of many of my concerns.

I was so impressed with Roberto’s methods that I have recommended him to my friends.

Aspasia D.  - Toronto - Canada

After a week back in my home, I realize how deeply my time with you has impacted me.

It feels I am recalibrating my life with much more honesty and self-direction now. Basically it was the deepest cleanse I have ever experienced.

My time with you in Ecuador has cleansed me in the deepest ways. 

I feel lighter, clearer and much more focused on the essential. As if my inner light is shining brighter.

I have never experienced such attention and care as you have provided me from the moment I arrived to the moment I left again.

Thank you for holding my space, my being and body with such care!

It allowed me to trust the process and go deeply into the cracks of my soul, healing, clearing and strengthening me.

And I am thankful for the many tools for maintenance you have gifted me over that week.

I can recommend this intensive with you to anybody who is serious about inner transformation and healing.

In deepest gratitude,

Cylla – Toronto - Canada


The inner journey is among the most challenging we might ever make. Often we don’t really know what we’re looking for — and without competent guidance, it can get discouraging.
That’s where Roberto's ability and knowledge comes in.  He is a natural teacher, without judgement and embodies his message. I find his dedication, his guidance and support is a gift in these days of fast-paced striving.
Thank you Roberto for the invaluable work with me on the boundless path toward finding more about myself.

Jane M. - Toronto - Canada


I love working with Roberto! His ability to see what’s happening on so many levels is amazing! I truly feel his genuine kindness and support for my personal growth and for that I am very grateful and plan to continue his healing sessions on a regular basis. If you are looking for support on a spiritual journey I highly recommend working with Roberto.

Marianne G. – Toronto - Canada


After a couple of sessions with Roberto, I no longer have anger towards someone who hurt me in the past. Roberto and I cleared the energy around it and now I feel calm, full of love, lighter, clear, grateful and more connected to source.

Michelle L. – Toronto - Canada


I am so grateful to have met Roberto. He can connect to my Higher Self, peel through my core layers and pinpoint the areas of concern that has been plaguing me for so long. I love the fact that he has the ability to breakdown key issues that are so unique and so complex and simplify things for me to understand on a conscious level and help guide me through a series of techniques to break free.

He is patient, a great listener and truly empathetic to my needs by relating to me on not just a spiritual plane but also on a physical, mental and on an emotional level. When speaking with Roberto, it feels as though I'm talking to a friend, a therapist, and a life coach all wrapped up in one!

I highly recommend Roberto as the process in each session is so powerful and effective and is beneficial to anyone who is ready and willing to make positive changes in their lives and make a step in the right direction towards enlightenment and bliss.

Denise M. – Toronto - Canada


I consider myself to be a spiritual person but even so I have to admit that my first session with Roberto was with a little apprehension. I was not really sure what to expect or what I would get out of the process. What I have learned is that he can literally work miracles. In just a few sessions, he has helped me find peace within relationships (ones that I never thought I would find peace in), he has unlocked parts of me that have been inaccessible until now, and he has given me a new outlook on life that feels uplifting, positive and empowering. Working with Roberto is the best gift you can give yourself. He is a gentle, kind, and intuitive person and every time I am around him or finish a session I feel a thousand percent better than when I came in. I feel lucky and grateful to have someone like him to do this work with.

Anushki B. Toronto - Canada


I arrived at Roberto fairly skeptical about the process but had done the preliminary work and had an open mind. I left my first session in disbelief as he identified very personal beliefs without any prior knowledge about me. Over time, I began to see myself and the world differently and found that I enjoyed a new freedom and happiness that had always eluded me. I gained insight into myself and the world around me. Roberto has taken me on a spiritual journey that I could never have imagined. My friends and family can see the shift in me.  I highly recommend that if you are open, willing and ready to connect with your higher self and discover your divine plan then Roberto is the perfect guide. 

Andrew G. Toronto – Canada


"I don't get it, but I'm lighter and present each time so I keep coming back".

Justin C. Los Angeles - USA


Roberto is a great healer and wonderful soul.  My sessions with him were amazing.  Roberto has incredible intuition and connection with source and was able to get to the essence of my problems quickly.  Beyond the healing that took place in the session, Roberto also shared with me mediations and exercises, which have helped me maintain a sense of wellbeing long have the sessions were done.  Would recommend him to anyone who is open to allowing Roberto to help them.   

Fred F. Toronto-Canada

Roberto is an extremely compassionate, committed and intuitive healer. After only a few sessions with him I became more focused and energized around my life purpose, achieving goals I had procrastinated upon for years. On top of that, many of the negativities of my most difficult relationships have been diminished significantly, leaving me happier and more energized.
Thanks Roberto!

Ron M. Toronto - Canada


Roberto exudes wonderful, positive energy. Even after just one session, I felt much more aware of -- and in tune with -- myself. I felt a great sense of lightness and wellbeing. I have no doubt that Roberto is capable to helping people heal themselves from all walks of life.

Deeva G. Brooklyn – USA


Anyone who is looking for healing, transformation, and to go the next level on their spiritual journey - I highly recommend working with Roberto. He is able to accurately tune into your energy in order to reveal, in detail, that which is needed to be known for the purpose of your spiritual healing and growth. Roberto lovingly holds safe and sacred space for true healing to occur. As a practitioner, he is very responsible to only hold and align to the highest light energies and to translate only the highest guidance and perspective. I fully trust that I am in good hands with Roberto!

Cindy L. (Priestess – colleague) Calgary – Canada


Dear Roberto,

Thank you very much for our sessions because they have helped me with my personal and spiritual advancement. Before I was stocked in some areas in my life, especially in my work-life. After my first session, I manifested results that I had been expecting for a long time. I am impressed by how accurately you found out the problems that were causing me struggle. I have experienced other kinds of healing therapies but by working with you I was able to feel the help and support from beings of light. I will continue working with you.

Nelson F. Guayaquil - Ecuador


Even though I have experienced several holistic therapies, Roberto impressed me from the beginning for finding out my traumatic experiences from childhood accurately and helping me to release them. I realized that as an adult I was attracting negative experiences in my life because of my negative programming. Now, I feel that I have a stronger connection with my essence and that my response to my life experiences have changed. I am very grateful with Roberto for this transformational experience.

Paola O. Guayaquil - Ecuador


Dear Roberto,

Before my first session, I was very anxious because of some issues at work with my boss, who was constantly pointing out my mistakes and making negative comments about me. I was unmotivated and even considering quitting my job. During the session, you help me to detect that I was having a rebel attitude towards him and every single person that had an authoritarian position. This behavior was unconscious and it’s been affecting me since past lives. After you cleared negatives beliefs, limiting contracts and helped me to improve my self-steam, I felt a sense of peace and the discomfort that I felt towards my work situation decreased drastically. The day after the session, my boss congratulated me for a job that I presented to him and since then he is changed his attitude towards me. Now I feel motivated in my job, safe and with less stress.

Thank you very much,

Katherine J. Quito-Ecuador


Dear Roberto,

After my first session I was very surprised and the results excelled my expectations. I was very excited to know that my Higher Self participated in the process and that he brought out those traumas from my childhood that were affecting me from many years and that I didn’t remember consciously; which were causing me fear and anxiety. Also, it was very gratifying to release limited beliefs that were sabotaging my personal and professional life. After the session, I’ve been much more relaxed and with a sense of general wellbeing. This Pleiadian energy therapy is more effective and can heal easily core issues than other therapies that I had in the past.


Chris J. Guayaquil-Ecuador 


Before my first session I was feeling fear, lack of fulfillment and some blockages. Once you tuned with my Higher Self I felt empowered to know that I can help myself to release my fears. Also, I want to thank you for helping me to clear some of my core issues and to understand that once they are cleared, I am free of their influence. I know that I have to keep working on improving other aspects of my life, but after the experienced results with the Pleiadian Energy Therapy, I am confident that I will be able to do it.

Thank you again,

Teo J., Guayaquil-Ecuador


I was surprised by Roberto's insightful and accurate assertion of my core issues, the techniques for clearing brought an immediate sense of "relief/weight off my shoulders" feeling, but the longer term effects are both subtle and powerful. This is a wonderful gift for those seriously working in self- alignment.

Lis P. Toronto, Ontario-Canada


I decided to have sessions with Roberto at the beginning of 2013 when I needed the most in my life. I was going through many changes which affected me emotionally and physically. Today, after a few months of working with him, I am depression free, my self-steam and all aspects of my life have improved drastically.  I am very thankful with Roberto for the positive impact he has brought in my life.

Jazmin C. Toronto-Ontario- Canada


Thank you Roberto from the bottom of my heart for such wonderful phone sessions. You are incredibly accurate when determining the core issues that were upsetting me and very clear and present when helping me release them. Your techniques are very powerful, fun, easy to apply and effective.

I felt very comfortable and safe in every session. You have been a big blessing to me and my family. I have not only healed at many levels with your guidance but I have also learned many valuable lessons for life. Thanks to you I have made my spiritual path my number one priority. Many blessings to you.

Moira H. Kitchener-Ontario-Canada.


I started seeing Roberto a few months ago. When I started I felt an enormous weight lifted as I began to let go entities and contracts that had been affecting my life. I noticed drastic changes in the people around me and in my business and every day life. As I've continued to see him it is only gotten better. I now see him frequently and focus on maintaining a higher vibration daily. It is the single most important aspect of my life and every other part flows from that focus on my spiritual health. Roberto is an integral part of that and I will eagerly continue to invest my time with him. I look forward to our sessions every week with excitement as changes and challenges occur in between them. Thank you for helping to transform my life.

Adam W. Toronto-Ontario-Canada 


Having tried all kinds of healing modalities, nothing has shifted me more that the work I’ve done with Roberto. It is not easy and it takes commitment and active effort, but the results show themselves everywhere in my life. If only this work were mandatory in high school, we would live in a very different world.

Karen W. Toronto-Ontario-Canada


I am thankful and blessed to have met Roberto.
He was highly recommended by one of my patients as someone who, she described was helping her heal in a very unique and holistic way. Roberto, has brought a lot of healing and joy into my life. He is inspirational, intuitive with an exceptional healing technique and a heart to match. I often recommend him to anyone I believe need his special healing touch.

Angie T., Toronto-Canada


Roberto is amazing. He has helped my husband and I in so many ways! Don't miss out on working with him. He will change your life!

Grace H., Quito-Ecuador


Roberto and the therapy that he applies are very effective for me. He has helped me to progress in life, get insights and inner happiness and peace. Roberto is a wise person with big heart and he knows well his work. I sincerely recommend him. 

Jan R. Praga-Czech Republic


I am very thankful with Roberto for the amazing work that you does with such integrity, care and kindness.  
Wow, I really felt a difference from the clearing that he did!

Jennifer S., Ontario, Canada